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Georgia O'Keeffe
Spring, 1948
Georgia O'Keeffe
Spring, 1948
Oil on canvas, 48 1/4 x 84 1/4 inches
Georgia O'Keeffe Museum
Gift of The Burnett Foundation

Large horizontal painting of blue and grey tones. Along the bottom in the foreground lies a bleached antler with arms reaching upward towards the sky. Floating along the top spanning the length of the canvas is a vertebral bone. Superimposed over this in the middle are two white flowers, hovering just above a blue silhouette of the Pedernal.

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Inscriptions: backing:
1. "Georgia O'Keeffe" (black ink)
2. "Spring 1948" (black ink)


Private collection, Santa Fe, N.Mex., purchase, 1965 ^Fenn Galleries, Santa Fe, N.Mex., 1977 ^(Sotheby Parke Bernet Inc., New York, N.Y., sale no. 4486M, lot no. 204, 4 December 1980) ^The Anschutz Collection, Denver, Colo., 1980 ^(Spanierman Gallery, New York, N.Y.), exchange, 1982 ^(Vanderwoude Tananbaum Gallery, San Francisco, Calif.) ^(Callaway & Vallarino, New York, N.Y.) ^Calvin Klein, New York, N.Y., 1982 ^(Mitchell-Innes & Nash, New York, N.Y.) ^The Burnett Foundation, Fort Worth, Tex., 1996

Exhibition History

1950 New York (An American Place), no. 10
1966 Fort Worth
1970 New York (Whitney), no. 101
1977 Abilene
1997 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) Inaugural
1998 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) Permanent
2002 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) GOKM 5th Anniversary
2003 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) Permanent Collection (Stieglitz / Frames of Preference)
2005 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) Permanent Collection (GOK and Andy Warhol: Flowers)
2006 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) A Celebration of New Work
2006 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) GOK: Color and Conservation
2006 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) Permanent Collection (Paul Strand)
2009 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) Permanent Collection (Modernists in NM)
2009 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) Permanent Collection (Beyond Our Shores/Jimson Weed Returns)
2011 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) Permanent Collection (Robert Henri)
2012 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) Permanent Collection (Jaune Quick-to-See Smith)
2012 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) Permanent Collection (Faraway)
2016 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) O'Keeffe's New Mexico
2014 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) Ghost Ranch Views

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