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Georgia O'Keeffe Abstraction Photographs (1979-1980)
0.833 linear feet

Two photographs and accompanying film of Georgia O'Keeffe and Juan Hamilton with her sculpture, Abstraction, 1946 cast 1979/1980 (Catalogue Raisonne numbers 1140 - 1142), at The Johnson Atelier.

Georgia O'Keeffe School Photographs (1903 and 1904)
1.0 linear feet

Collection consists of three black and white photographs of Georgia O'Keeffe, between 1903 and 1904.

Letters to Charles Wickham Moore (circa 1949-1982)
0.42 linear feet

The collection includes 115 letters from Georgia O'Keeffe to Charles Wickham "Wick" Moore relating to their personal friendship.

Claudia O'Keeffe Papers (circa 1890-1980s, undated)
3.33 linear feet

This collection includes 137 letters from Georgia O'Keeffe to Claudia O'Keeffe and a collection of O'Keeffe Family photographs. Accruals from 2019 include a drawing and a ribbon bookmark.

Frances O'Brien Papers Relating to Georgia O'Keeffe (circa 1927-1993, undated)
2.63 linear feet

Collection includes materials related to the friendship between Georgia O'Keeffe and Frances O'Brien. The bulk of the items are letters from Georgia O'Keeffe to Frances O'Brien dating 1927-1973.

Georgia O'Keeffe Photographs (1882-1974, undated)
2.88 linear feet

This collection includes photographic material relating to Georgia O'Keeffe and her properties dating from 1908 to circa 1966. In addition to photographs there are clippings, prints, correspondence, printed material, and a watercolor and graphite drawing.

Letters to Inez Ossendorf (1959-1997, undated)
0.209 linear feet

The collection includes thirteen brief letters from Georgia O'Keeffe to Inez Ossendorf primarily relating to O'Keeffe's finances and their professional relationship

Letters to Narcissa Swift King (1940-1971)
0.209 linear feet

The collection includes seven letters from Georgia O'Keeffe to Narcissa Swift King dating from 1940 to 1971.

Abstraction at Johnson Atelier (1978-1982, undated)

The collection consists of photographic materials and articles related to the creation of Georgia O'Keeffe's Abstraction sculpture at the Johnson Atelier Technical Institute of Sculpture. Photographs depict apprentices Betsy Bowen and Jacquie Bresadola posing with the unfinished sculptures, and Georgia O'Keeffe with co-executive directors Herk van Tongeren and Ron Young at Johnson Atelier with Abstraction. Materials date from 1978-1982.

Abstraction on Johnson Atelier Truck (probably Fall 1981)

The collection consists of two digital copy prints of O'Keeffe's finished sculpture, Abstraction, on the Johnson Atelier truck. Photograph was taken by David Carrow, probably in the fall of 1981.

Anita O'Keeffe Young Papers (1845-1989, undated)
1.583 linear feet

Collection primarily consists of letters from Georgia O'Keeffe to her sister Anita O'Keeffe Young dating from 1937 to 1976. Includes select other correspondents, photographic material, and clippings. Accruals consist of additional correspondence, photographs, legal documents, and ephemera.

Letters to Alfred Stieglitz (1933-1944, undated)
1.668 linear feet

The collection includes over 200 letters primarily from Georgia O'Keeffe to Alfred Stieglitz, dating from 1933 to 1944.

My First Trip to New York Manuscript (1983, undated)

"My First Trip to New York," a ten-page handwritten manuscript by Georgia O'Keeffe recounting her first trip to New York to study at the Art Students' League and meeting Alfred Stieglitz. Includes six typed transcripts of text with various levels of edits, and the original folder housing the materials. Materials date 1983, undated.

Papers from the Ghost Ranch Library (1892-1992, undated)
3.42 linear feet

Collection primarily includes materials originally used as page markers in Georgia O'Keeffe's book collection at her Ghost Ranch house. The bulk of the items are correspondence, notes, ephemera, and clippings dating from 1892 to 1992. Accruals include two recipe binders compiled by Georgia O'Keeffe.

Maria Chabot Archive (1940-2001, undated)
7.47 linear feet

The Maria Chabot Archive includes correspondence, photographs, and film, dating from 1940 to 2001. The bulk of the material dates from the 1940s and relates to the experiences Chabot and O'Keeffe shared during the years Chabot lived with O'Keeffe at the artist's Ghost Ranch house (1941-1944) and oversaw the renovation of the ruined adobe hacienda that O'Keeffe purchased in 1945 in the village of Abiquiu (1946-1949).

Georgia O'Keeffe Foundation Photographs (1894-circa 1992, undated)
10.396 linear feet

This collection includes photographic materials related to Georgia O'Keeffe, her properties, travel, and artwork dating from 1894 to circa 1992. In addition to photographic prints and film, there are also original enclosures such as envelopes, boxes, and albums.