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Georgia O'Keeffe
Series I - From the Plains, 1919
Oil on canvas, 27 7/16 x 23 1/2 inches
Georgia O'Keeffe Museum
Gift of The Burnett Foundation

Vertical canvas with cloudy blue, green, and cream colored formation filling the bottom half of the painting. Hovering over this in a black background is a foggy streak of red. The upper half of the canvas is traversed by a lightening bolt zig-zag shape in greenish white that cuts through the blue-black of the background.

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Inscriptions: Backing:
1. "Series I - [illegible words] / Georgia O'Keeffe" (graphite)
2. OK * (graphite)
3. "Georgia O'Keeffe 1919 / From the Plains oil / An American Place / 509 Madison Ave" (Andrew Droth, Whitney label, black ink)


(The Downtown Gallery, New York, N.Y.) ^Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Stone, Newton Centre, Mass., 1955 ^(Alpha Gallery, Boston, Mass.) ^Andrew Crispo, New York, N.Y., 1973 ^Sotheby's, New York, N.Y., sale no. 7064, lot no. 138, 3 December 1997 ^(Gerald Peters Gallery, Santa Fe, N.Mex.)

Exhibition History

1923 New York (Anderson)
1934 New York (An American Place)
1946 New York (Whitney--Pioneers), no. 112
1956 New York (Downtown--Recurrent)
1957 New York (Wildenstein)
1958 New York (Whitney--Nature)
1959 Washington (Corcoran--American Muse)
1960 Boston
1963 New York (Whitney--Decade), no. 71
1963 Washington (Corcoran--New Traditions), no. 76
1963 Waltham, no. 2
1977 Edinburgh, no. 45
1979 Dusseldorf, 3
1980 London (Tate), no. 437
1983 Roslyn, no. 4
1984 Madison
1993 London (Hayward), no. 23
1993 Lungano
1998 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) Permanent
1999 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) Four Painters of the Stieglitz Circle
2002 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) Permanent Collection (Edward Weston)
2002 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) GOKM 5th Anniversary
2003 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) Permanent Collection (Debating American Modernism)
2004 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) Permanent Collection (In the American Grain)
2005 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) Permanent Collection (Photography of Charles Sheeler)
2005 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) Permanent Collection (GOK and Andy Warhol: Flowers)
2006 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) Permanent Collection (Celebration of New Work)
2006 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) GOK: Color and Conservation
2006 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) Permanent Collection (Paul Strand)
2007 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) Permanent Collection (Living Artists: Sherrie Levine)
2007 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) Women of the Stieglitz Circle; all venues
2010 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) GOK: Abstraction; all venues
2011 Europe (Rome, Munich, Helsinki) GOK: Retrospective
2014 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) Permanent Collection (Abiquiu Views: Patio)*late addition
2014 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) Permanent Collection (GR Views / Covarrubias)

Gift, © Georgia O'Keeffe Museum

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