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Georgia O'Keeffe
Autumn Trees - The Maple, 1924
Oil on canvas, 36 x 30 inches
Georgia O'Keeffe Museum
Gift of The Burnett Foundation and Gerald and Kathleen Peters

Vertical canvas with center stylized grey tree - limbs and trunk spreading out and upwards into reddish, grey and some greenish blended color of arching planes.

Catalogue Raisonné Number



1. "O#5" (GO, green ink)
2. "30 x 36 ST [ST in circle]/whitewood/[drawing of frame] / nailed to/stretcher" (GO, graphite)
1. OK (graphite)
2. "Autumn Trees - The Maple/Georgia O'Keeffe/ 1924/ 7 American Exhibition / Catalogue # 118" (AS, graphite)
3. "Autumn Trees - The Maple / 1924/ by Georgia O'Keeffe" (WE,AAP
, black ink)


(Doris Bry, New York, N.Y.) ^Private collection, Dallas, Tex., 1968 ^Doris Bry, New York, N.Y.) ^The artist, purchase, 1971 ^Anita O'Keeffe (Mrs. Robert R.) Young, Newport, R.I., by 1982 ^Estate of Anita O'Keeffe (Mrs. Robert R.) Young, 1985 ^Robert R. Young Foundation, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1985 ^Sotheby's, New York, N.Y., sale no. 5658, lot no. 2, 3 December 1987 ^Gerald Peters Gallery, Santa Fe, N.Mex., 1987 ^The Burnett Foundation, Fort Worth, Texas, 1996 (partial share)

Exhibition History

1925 New York (Anderson), no 118, as Autumn Trees - The Maple
1935 New York ( An American Place), no 3, as The Maple
1951 Cincinnati
1993 London (Hayward), no. 45
1997 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) Inaugural
1998 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) Permanent
1999 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) The Poetry of Things
1999 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) Permanent Collection (Four Painters / Skunk Cabbage)
2002 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) Permanent Collection (Edward Weston)
2002 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) GOKM 5th Anniversary
2003 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) Permanent Collection (Debating American Modernism)
2003 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) Photographs by Alfred Stieglitz: Gift of GOKF
2004 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) Permanent Collection (In the American Grain)
2005 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) Permanent Collection (Photography of Charles Sheeler)
2005 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) Permanent Collection (GOK and Andy Warhol: Flowers)
2006 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) Permanent Collection (Celebration of New Work)
2006 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) GOK: Color and Conservation
2006 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) Permanent Collection (Paul Strand)
2007 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) Women of the Stieglitz Circle, GOKM only
2008 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) GOK and Ansel Adams; all venues
2010 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) Permanent Collection (Rothenberg: Moving in Place)
2011 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) Permanent Collection (Robert Henri)
2012 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) Permanent Collection (Jaune Quick-to-See Smith)
2012 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) Permanent Collection (Faraway)
2013 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) Modern Nature

Publication History

Inaugural Catalogue: The Georgia O'Keeffe Museum; Peter Hassrick; 1997

© Georgia O'Keeffe Museum, Gift

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