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Georgia O'Keeffe
Dark Iris No. III, 1927
Georgia O'Keeffe
Dark Iris No. III, 1927
Pastel on paper, 20 1/4 x 9 inches
Georgia O'Keeffe Museum
Gift of The Burnett Foundation and The Georgia O'Keeffe Foundation

Vertical extreme close-up pastel of the delicate inner folds of an iris flower. Palette of subtle grey-purples. Mostly abstract rendition of iris petals closing in on one another, with the darkest area in the lower right corner.

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Inscriptions: Verso: "Georgia O'Keeffe -- May 1927" (black ink) Backing: "Dark Iris, No. 3-1927 / by Georgia O'Keeffe / Handle with / CARE / Pastel]" (AS, IG, black ink)


(The Intimate Gallery, New York, N.Y.) ^Paul Rosenfeld, New York, N.Y., ca. 1928 ^Mrs. Burdon Emmett, New York, N.Y., loan, by 1946 ^Estate of Paul Rosenfeld, 1946 ^[. . .] ^Henry C. Fleming, New York, N.Y., unknown ^Andrew Crispo Gallery, Inc., New York, N.Y., unknown ^M. Knoedler, New York, N.Y., by 1968 ^The artist, purchase, 1969 ^Estate of the artist, 1986 ^The Georgia O'Keeffe Foundation, Abiquiu, N.Mex., 1993 ^The Burnett Foundation, Fort Worth, Tex., 1996 (partial share)

Exhibition History

1928 New York (Intimate Gallery--O'Keeffe), no. 22, as Dark Iris No. 3
1987 Washington, no. 47
1997 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) Inaugural
1998 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) Permanent
1999 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) Permanent Collection (Poetry of Things)
1999 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) Permanent Collection (Four Painters / Skunk Cabbage)
2001 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) O'Keeffe's O'Keeffes
2002 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) Permanent Collection (Edward Weston)
2003 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) Debating American Modernism
2005 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) GOK and Andy Warhol: Flowers
2007 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) Permanent Collection (Living Artists: Sherrie Levine)
2008 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) Permanent Collection (GOK and the Camera)
2009 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) Permanent Collection (Modernists in NM)
2009 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) Permanent Collection (Beyond Our Shores/Jimson Weed Returns)
2010 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) GOK: Abstraction; all venues
2011 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) Permanent Collection (Robert Henri)
2016 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) Abstract Nature

Gift, © Georgia O'Keeffe Museum

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