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Georgia O'Keeffe
Apple Family-2, 1920
Oil on canvas, 8 1/8 x 10 1/8 inches
Georgia O'Keeffe Museum
Gift of The Burnett Foundation and The Georgia O'Keeffe Foundation

Small horizontal canvas with a grouping of ten apples of various colors and sizes on a white cloth. Apples fill the majority of the canvas, as in a close-up, hence color dominates most of the canvas.

Catalogue Raisonné Number



Inscriptions: Backing:
1. "Apple Family - 2 / 20?" (graphite)
2. OK * (graphite)


The Burnett Foundation,Fort Worth, Texas, 1996 (partial share) The Burnett Foundation (Fort Worth) 1996 Fort Worth/Texas, The Georgia O'Keeffe Foundation, Abiquiu, New Mexico, 1993 The Georgia O'Keeffe Foundation 1993 Abiquiu/New Mexico, Estate of the artist, 1986 Georgia O'Keeffe 1986 Abiquiu/New Mexico

Exhibition History

1923 New York (Anderson)
1997 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) Inagural
1998 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) Permanent
1999 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) Artists of the Stieglitz Circle
1999 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) Poetry of Things
2001 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) O'Keeffe's O'Keeffes
2002 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) GOKM 5th Anniversary
2003 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) GOK: Frames of Preference
2005 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) Permanent Collection (GOK and Andy Warhol: Flowers)
2006 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) GOK: Color and Conservation
2007 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) Permanent Collection (Living Artists: Sherrie Levine)
2009 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) Permanent Collection (Modernists in NM)
2009 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) Permanent Collection (Beyond Our Shores/Jimson Weed Returns)
2010 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) Permanent Collection (Rothenberg: Moving in Place)
2011 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) Permanent Collection (Robert Henri)
2012 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) Permanent Collection (Jaune Quick-to-See Smith)
2012 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) Permanent Collection (Faraway)
2013 Santa Fe (O'Keeffe) Modern Nature

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